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granola for breakfast

Myths about healthy breakfasts

At first glance, such products as granola, a cup of coffee, a bar of muesli, a glass of juice seem not only very tasty, but also quite healthy. But lets figure it out whether it is right.

Granola instead of muesli

We would not question the usefulness of such a product as a granule, if it did not have so much sugar and saturated fats. To make your favorite dish not so high-calorie, do it yourself. To do this, mix oat flakes, nuts, cinnamon, honey and coconut shavings and dry everything until golden in the oven.

Bars-muesli are a useful alternative to oatmeal

It is not necessary to feed illusions about the usefulness of bars-muesli, seemingly intended for those who care about their health. Perhaps the harmful additives in it as much as sugar. Therefore, having eaten them in the morning you will notice that you are again hungry already somewhere in an hour or two. It is better to prepare a useful granula.

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Low-fat dairy products help to lose weight

In order to compensate for the lack of taste, they add a lot of sugar in the low-fat dairy products, which quickly turns into extra pounds. In addition, low-fat foods slow the metabolism. Therefore, choose fatty foods, but low in sugar. With such a breakfast you will be full and slim.

Yolk is harmful to health

Many consider the yolk very harmful due to the content of fat in it, which can increase the level of cholesterol in the blood. But actually it is not right. The yolk also has micronutrients, iron, vitamins B, D which are useful and necessary to the body as well as fats. Therefore, boldly make scrambled eggs for breakfast from protein and yolk.

Orange juice for breakfast is more useful than coffee or tea

A glass of orange juice for breakfast is already a familiar option for a perfect start of the day. But in fact there is so much sugar in one glass of juice that you will soon notice extra pounds than the expected health benefits. It is better to limit the whole fruit or a vegetable juice. So you get not only vitamins, but also valuable fiber.

It’s best to start your day with a glass of water.

In conclusion: snacks on the run deprive us of the opportunity to eat in a balanced manner and in time to get all the nutrients necessary for the body. Therefore, to prevent this, take a pre-prepared useful snack. For example: nuts, fruits, unsweetened yogurt.

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