How to cut down on sugar intake

Cut down on sugar intake

If you want to to cut down on sugar intake – first of all limit harmful sweet sodas and juices. They contain a huge amount of sugar, which eventually increases your weight. Replace them with plain or mineral water.

Very often people who want to lose weight and consider calories, refuse from fat-containing foods. But this is fundamentally wrong. Fats help maintain a sense of satiety for a long time and benefit our body. The main thing is to choose unsaturated fats. You will find it in olive oil, nuts and fish.

In order not to eat something harmful, when, for example, there is no possibility to have a full dinner, prepare a list of useful snacks in advance. And you will always know what can replace hamburgers and cookies. Nuts, dried fruits, jerky are much more useful and also tasty.

Lack of sleep causes energy shortage. Therefore, the body requires it throughout the day. We can quickly get it by eating something sweet. This is very harmful. Try to get enough sleep and you will not be drawn to sweets.

Often, after a desire to eat something, there is a banal thirst. Therefore, before grabbing another cake, drink a glass of water and wait 20 minutes. If the feeling of hunger has passed, then it was false and the body actually gave you signals about a lack of water. Do this every time when the lunch time has not yet come, but you already want to eat. So you will understand your body’s needs more and will replenish the water balance in time.