What will change if you do planks every day

What will change if you do planks every day

If you want to make your body stronger and sturdier, but do not have enough time for training, the best thing you can do is to do planks. As the plank is a bodyweight exercise, there is no need for any special equipment or place for training.
And now about the major changes that you will soon feel on yourself if you start doing planks already today:

1. The muscles of the core will become stronger

First of all plank exercise strengthens the core muscles, which in turn provide support for the internal organs. Also this group of muscles strengthens not only the lower part of the body, but also the upper part. And this helps to avoid injuries to the lower back and will ensure you a good posture. Plank helps to
engage all the major muscle groups of the bark. The muscles of the cortex include: oblique muscles, rectus abdominal muscles, buttock muscles, transverse muscle. Carrying out planking exercises every day you will develop such possibilities of your body as endurance, mobility, agility and general

2. The metabolism will accelerate

Many calories are burning during this exercise and the most pleasant that calories continue to leave you throughout the day and even at night. A very good bonus for those who want to lose their weight.

3. Your posture improve

If you do planking for 10 minutes every day the condition of the neck, shoulders, back and waist will improve significantly and as a result you will stop stooping and will be satisfied with your posture.

4. The sense of balance will develop

If you can not stand on one leg for a couple of seconds, you need to strengthen the abdominal muscles. By the way, a developed sense of balance is the key to success in any sport.

5. Flexibility will improve

Flexibility is important in any sport and simply in everyday life. With the help of the planks you will stretch the muscles and ligaments attached to the shoulders, shoulder blades, clavicles, hips, and even toes. The side plank will work on your oblique abdominal muscles.

6. The psychological state will improve

Regularly plank exercises improve mood and positively affect the nervous system and give the energy charge for the whole day.