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Habits That Are Harmful To The Skin

8 Habits That Are Harmful To The Skin

Unhealthy habits can neutralize the effectiveness of the best means and procedures for care. These are bad habits you should give up for the sake of clean skin.


Do you really need more reasons to quit smoking? How about these: after each cigarette, the wrinkles become deeper, and the complexion is not uniform. The skin will look two and a half years older after ten years of smoking.

Passion for alcohol

Even with all the beneficial properties of dry red wine, it dehydrates the skin, not to mention that it provokes an exacerbation of rosacea and psoriasis.

Lack of sleep

Chronic lack of sleep and the inability to give the body a qualitative rest, detrimental to the skin, lead to its dullness and clogged pores.
A healthy 8-hour sleep prolongs her youth better than mesotherapy.

Lack of water

The less clean water you drink, the more dull and gray your skin looks. Conclusion? Do not disregard the recommendations on the correct drinking regime.

Sleeping with makeup on

When you sleep, the skin temperature rises, and it absorbs useful ingredients of creams and serums like a sponge. And now imagine that the skin absorbs the remains of cosmetics and dust that have accumulated on it for a day. As a result, the pores are hammered and expanded, there are pimples.

Excess makeup

Sometimes the skin needs to rest. Leave a dense layer of tonal basis and powder for a special case. And when you have a day off try to be limited to an easy cream.

Washing with soap

The usual soap dries and irritates the skin, and also removes the natural fat, lowering its protective barrier. Therefore, cleanse the skin with soft means like milk and foam even if you have problem skin.


The main enemy of beauty is not even a dream in make-up, but stress. Do everything to avoid it – yoga, reading and walking in the open air help the best.

Smile more often, enjoy life and notice the beauty that surrounds us.

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