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Tips for healthy hair

7 tips for healthy hair

In this article we will tell you about important tips for healthy hair. Before we talk about how to properly care for your hair, we want to emphasize that the hair should be washed as needed. Therefore, the frequency of washing of your hair is selected individually. If you have oily hair – wash your hair once in 1-2 days.

1. Hair washing

Comb your hair before washing your hair. Do not abuse the amount of shampoo, because it dries your hair. Determine the amount of shampoo for your hair. When applying the shampoo, it must be diluted with water and foamed, and then applied to the roots of the hair. Massage the scalp with your fingertips. This will strengthen blood circulation and accelerate hair growth.

2. Moisturizing and nourishing the hair

Hair quickly lose moisture, so you need to use balms after each wash, avoiding the roots. It is also useful to make masks once a week, but not more often, because supersaturation of hair with nutrients is just as harmful as inadequate nutrition. One should know where to stop.

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3. Warm water

The head should be washed with warm water. Hot water activates the work of the sebaceous glands, and cold water can not qualitatively wash the hair. Finish washing of a head with a cool shower which will present your hair a shine.

4. Discard the hair dryer

Everyone knows about the harm of a hair dryer. But turbans of towels are no less traumatic for the hair. It can damage the hair bulb. Use a cotton T-shirt instead of a towels.

5. Gentle combing

Do not attempt to brush your hair immediately after washing. Wait until they are a little dry and start to gently comb the hair, beginning with the tips and lifting up. So you will not stretch and damage your hair. Also, avoid frequent combing.

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6. Gentle drying of hair with a hair dryer

In the beginning, pat the hair with a towel. Then use the guide nozzle to direct the jet of the hair dryer at an acute angle to the hair Dry in the direction from the roots to the hair. So you will close the scales of hair. When the hair is still wet, use the maximum temperature, but as it dries, lower the temperature, and finish the process with cold air.

7. Braid hair at night

To ensure that your hair does not get tangled and do not hurt, braid it for the night.

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